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    EnviroFOAM Technologies is the coastal region’s licensed Icynene® dealer, providing the best open cell spray foam insulation in the market. Each Icynene® product is tailored to accommodate different project sizes and types, yet they all have one attribute in common — they perform as a continuous insulation and air barrier material.

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    When you choose to work with EnviroFOAM Technologies, you can make that choice with confidence because we’re backed by America’s leading home efficiency networks.

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    Summertime in the south means rising temperatures, and as a consequence, rising energy costs as you try to keep your home or business cool. You can greatly reduce those energy costs with a quality insulation barrier.

  • Residential Services

    Is your home losing energy? Pollen, mold and pollutants bothering you? Spray foam insulation can help take care of all of these issues! Regardless of how frightful the weather outside may be, we deserve to feel comfortable in our own homes. Learn More >>

  • Commercial Services

    EnviroFOAM is committed to assisting you and your business in high quality, state of the art insulation for your commercial building. Here you will find extensive information on different types of insulation that will help inform and aid you in your decision making. Learn More >>

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  • Energy Saving Tips

    Reflect Heat with Window Shades and Blinds

    During the warm summer months, windows let more than sunlight into your home - they can also let in heat from the outdoors. To reduce that heat absorption, consider installing white blinds or white shades/drapes to reflect the sun's heat away from your windows during summer.

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