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    EnviroFOAM Technologies is the southeast region’s licensed Icynene® dealer, providing the best open cell spray foam insulation in the market. 

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  • Energy Saving Tips

    Laundry and Bathroom Tips for Saving Your Family Money…

    • Set water heater no higher than 120 degrees
    • Drain 1-2 gallons from bottom of water heater every year to reduce sediment build-up
    • Insulate exposed hot water lines
    • Install low-flow shower heads
    • Wash clothes in cold water
    • Do only FULL loads of laundry or adjust water setting for smaller loads
    • Always use cold-water rinse
    • Clean dryer lint trap before EACH load
    • Be sure outdoor dryer exhaust doors closes when dryer is closed
    • Dry consecutive loads to harvest heat remaining in dryer from last load
    • Use a dryer rack as often as possible – saves on wear of clothes & electric!
    • Be sure dryer vent hose is connected tightly to the dryer and the wall
    • Use moisture sensor on dryer if available
    • Use towels more than once
    • Don’t let water run while you are shaving or brushing your teeth

    Whole-House Approach

    Local power companies offer homeowner rebates for energy saving upgrades to their home including spray foam insulation and tank wraps on electric water heaters, but a Whole-House approach can save you even more. An assessment of your home’s energy efficiency can help you save money and make your home more comfortable. This is particularly recommended for older homes with thinner walls, less insulation, older appliances and outdated water heaters. Energy savings can add up to 30% per year! GSouthEnergy.com can conduct tests to show you where you can save money on your next power bill.

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