AeroBarrier Building Envelope Air Sealing

Leaky buildings are notoriously inefficient, uncomfortable & unhealthy. Until recently, the best way to air seal to prevent leaks was with labor intensive, schedule disrupting & imperfect manual caulking…Enter AeroBarrier; the industry disrupter!

What Is AeroBarrier?

AeroBarrier is a Greenguard certified, low-VOC, off-gassing free, waterborne acrylic sealant that provides verified, measurable building envelope sealing to new & retrofit residential, commercial & multi-family projects. Measurable, consistent results in air sealing are now a reality!

How Does It Work?

AeroBarrier is applied by pressuring a targeted building area using a blower door, then spraying the sealant into the pressurized space. The self-guided sealant accumulates across visible envelope leaks as large as 1/2″ & as thin as a human hair, stopping leaks in all those little areas that you wouldn’t even know were leaking.

Sounds like it could take awhile, right? On the contrary: A typical application takes between 90 & 120 minutes & allows other trades to get back to work within 30 minutes post application. Schedule disruption be gone. 

Why Use It?

As building codes, project schedules & customer demands become more stringent, builders & contractors need products that keep up with the times without breaking the bank. AeroBarrier allows builders & contractors to improve their building’s performance; meet codes more consistently & cost effectively; stay true to rigid project schedules; & meet their customer’s rising efficiency expectations.

Need another reason? From start to finish, the application of AeroBarrier is simple, consisting of just 3 main components:

AeroBarrier Air Sealing Prep & Setup EnviroFoam

How Can I Get My Hands On AeroBarrier?

EnviroFoam is excited to announce that we are now offering AeroBarrier! Don’t waste any more time with manual air sealing packages that lead to lower than expected & inconsistent leakage reduction. Contact the EnviroFoam team today to learn more about this game-changing technology or to get a prompt, FREE estimate: 912-721-2001

Watch AeroBarrier In Action: