Average Utilities Cost Georgia

If you live in Georgia and think your utility costs are outrageous, you‘re not crazy. Thanks to the sub-tropical climate many come to Georgia to enjoy, our state’s utility costs are the fifth highest in the nation! The good news is we can help you do something about it.

As a homeowner, reducing household bills is on your to-do list, right? Although doing so is usually a pipe dream, it doesn’t have to be! When it comes to lowering your utility bills, we can help.

Georgia’s sought-after subtropical climate coupled with our taste for gorgeous—though leaky—historic buildings make for the fifth highest energy costs in the nation! With our collective monthly average utility bill clocking in at $441.10, we could all stand to reduce our energy costs, but must we give up our comfort to save cash? Nope!

Our propensity towards year-round AC usage gives us the indoor relief we need, until our power bill arrives, or our HVAC dies because it’s constantly running and we have to dive into savings to get through. A sufficiently insulated home can reduce HVAC repairs, high power bills, and indoor discomforts.  Simply insulating areas of your home that are bare, or replacing old insulation will provide a helpful barrier between you and the elements, but upgrading to spray foam insulation will do this and then some.

Here’s how spray foam is the home upgrade that keeps on giving:

  • Can reduce energy costs by up to 40% by sealing air leaks in the home that traditional insulation can’t touch.
  • Improves indoor air quality by keeping conditioned air in and dust, pollen, and airborne pollutants out.
  • Unless damaged, spray foam does not need to be replaced over time, saving you on home maintenance costs.
  • Increases HVAC lifespan by maintaining an even temp throughout your home. Spray foam reduces the amount of air changes needed to keep your home at your ideal temperature, so your HVAC doesn’t have to kick on and off nearly as much.

Don’t settle for outrageous energy costs any longer! Contact the EnviroFoam team today for a prompt—AND FREE—estimate.

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