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Customer Testimonials




I want to let you know how impressed we were with your spray foam installers.  Those men are very hard workers!  They were here for nearly ten hours and if they took a break I didn’t see it.  They were neat, courteous, and cleaned up after their work immediately.  We are very pleased with their work and feel confident that we will see the results of spray foam insulation on our energy bills immediately.

Thank you,

Mr. & Mrs. C. Cooper

Cumming, Georgia



I wanted to follow up and say thank you for your team’s recent work spraying the insulation in our house.  We are extremely pleased at this point and look forward to having a well insulated and highly energy efficient home.  Some specific things we wanted to express our immediate appreciation for:

Professionalism – in the bidding process was appreciated.  We recognize we treated this as a procurement cycle and appreciate your bidding and the final tailoring to get us to apple vs. apple comparison.  Not normal in a residential project. but we appreciate your patience.

Flexibility and coordination – in the scheduling process understanding that we had a lingering work stream with constraints; you and our project managers maintained an open, regular and frequent communication line that enabled a fluid seamless kick off without delays to our project and hopefully no impact to any existing project you had in flight.

Attitude and execution – during the working stage by the crews was exceptional.  Team members were focused and heads down and operated with a sense of purpose and urgency in completing the work.  Yet they were friendly, polite and conscientious of the  other project crews and homeowners.

Cleanup and thoroughness – of the team daily left a clean feeling and uncluttered job site and made inspection and walk through easy and pleasant.

Aftermath of the final product – leaves a clean feeling and assurance of a tight and solid permanent sense that gives us confidence in the structural aspects as well as the mold and moisture retardant properties.

I wanted to get this to you as the project closes out.  Please pass it along to the main office in Savannah, and especially please make certain “Big Man” and Reggie and the other crew members know of our appreciation.  I wish you all the best expanding in the Charleston market, and let this letter serve as a testimonial to our appreciation.
K. Skinner

Wadmalaw Island, SC

“I just bought a new house in July and this was the first house that I have had the foam insulation sprayed in. It has been an incredibly hot summer here in Savannah and I expected high power bills with the  high ceilings. To my surprise, my power bills were very manageable and I was very happy with my investment in spray foam insulation. EnviroFOAM Technologies, Inc. has a strong relationship with my builder and did a fantastic job on my installation.  I would recommend EnviroFOAM to anyone who wants to ensure professional installation and service.  Thank you Jimmy and Katie!”

Jeff Gold

WTOC, Channel 11

  • Energy Saving Tips

    Laundry and Bathroom Tips for Saving Your Family Money…

    • Set water heater no higher than 120 degrees
    • Drain 1-2 gallons from bottom of water heater every year to reduce sediment build-up
    • Insulate exposed hot water lines
    • Install low-flow shower heads
    • Wash clothes in cold water
    • Do only FULL loads of laundry or adjust water setting for smaller loads
    • Always use cold-water rinse
    • Clean dryer lint trap before EACH load
    • Be sure outdoor dryer exhaust doors closes when dryer is closed
    • Dry consecutive loads to harvest heat remaining in dryer from last load
    • Use a dryer rack as often as possible – saves on wear of clothes & electric!
    • Be sure dryer vent hose is connected tightly to the dryer and the wall
    • Use moisture sensor on dryer if available
    • Use towels more than once
    • Don’t let water run while you are shaving or brushing your teeth

    Whole-House Approach

    Local power companies offer homeowner rebates for energy saving upgrades to their home including spray foam insulation and tank wraps on electric water heaters, but a Whole-House approach can save you even more. An assessment of your home’s energy efficiency can help you save money and make your home more comfortable. This is particularly recommended for older homes with thinner walls, less insulation, older appliances and outdated water heaters. Energy savings can add up to 30% per year! GSouthEnergy.com can conduct tests to show you where you can save money on your next power bill.

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